Chris Aydin

Each athlete or student provides a new experience and challenge. The way I explain things for one athlete may leave others totally confused and vice versa. So, each experience is unique in that it challenges me to help them get to the level they want and need to be.


Chris Aydin is a competitive powerlifter competing in the 93kg (204lbs) weight class in the USAPL. 


Educational Background

He builds his strength and physique through his dedication, consistency, and commitment to learning the details of exercise physiology and nutrition. Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science, with a minor in Nutrition from Rutgers University, and a Master’s in Exercise Science with a concentration in strength and conditioning from George Washington University (GWU). He is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and has worked in collegiate strength & conditioning for six years before deciding to dedicate his efforts to coaching athletes across the world. During this time, he interned at both Rutgers and GWU, where his responsibilities includes planning, organizing, and implementing strength and conditioning programs for various teams throughout the year. As a coordinator of the GWU exercise physiology lab, Chris ran various physiology testing protocols on athletes at coaches’ requests. 


Where the Rubber Meets the Road

As an athlete on the receiving side of coaching, Chris has worked with 3D Muscle Journey under Alberto Nuñez, and Reactive Training Systems under Mike Tuchscherer, and carries with him some of the skill sets he has learned over those partnerships. Working for every ounce of strength, Chris strives to improve as a person, a coach, and a powerlifter. He believes success stems from a balanced approach both in and out of the gym. In addition, he believes in having a sound structure with training, nutrition and recovery that will push an athlete outside of their comfort zone. Discomfort is just a test. It’s a test of commitment and enthusiasm, a test of endurance, and how badly an athletes wants "it". 


Coaching Philosophy

Chris loves coaching for the the same reason he loves teaching (having taught an exercise physiology lab at GWU). Chris continues:

"Each student provides a new experience and challenge. The information being taught is the same but it's my job as the teacher to set them up for success in terms of learning the material and making sure they truly understand it. The way I explain it for one person may leave others totally confused and vise versa, so each experience is unique in that it challenges me to help them get to where they want and need to be. 

The goal with each athlete is to improve physically and mentally, but what works for one athlete doesn't mean it will work for another. I love the challenge of figuring out what will help the athlete improve from point A to point B, so that they can then become a better version of themselves."

He strives to optimize each individual's programming, technique, and nutrition to help every athlete become the best version of themselves. Chris has years of experience preparing both drug free powerlifters and figure and fitness athletes for the competitive stage or platform.