Hani Jazayrli

It is incredibly fulfilling to see an athlete both succeed and gain a love for the process. Powerlifting is a sport about patience and coming to terms with that is paramount.


Hani Jazayrli is a competitive & record-holding powerlifter currently competing in the 93kg and 105kg weight class of the USAPL. Current offseason PRs include a 572 lb. squat, 415 lb. bench press, and 650 lb. deadlift.


Student of the Sport

With time, he parted ways with the gridiron and, coming from a very overweight background, was simply interested in losing weight. With this goal in mind he found his way to bodybuilding.com and a wealth of information that was not always strictly useful or even accurate. Luckily, it was there on the forums that he originally came into contact with his coach and longtime mentor Alberto Nunez of Team 3D Muscle Journey. After several years under his tutelage, Hani has had practice and experience with numerous training methodologies including, but not limited to; 5/3/1, the conjugate method, reactive training, and Daily Undulating Periodization or DUP. Hani is currently coached by Dr. Mike Zourdos from FAU.

With enough time spent learning and practicing, Hani was brought on as an intern for The Strength Athlete in early 2014 and shortly thereafter promoted to full time coaching.