• Competitive athletes planning for meets
  • Bodybuilders, figure, or fitness athletes planning for shows
  • Athletes wanting multi-year developmental coaching
  • Beginners looking for foundational structure to training
  • Athletes who need closer attention on a weekly basis
  • “Offseason” or athletes with no desire for competition


Our weekly coaching is our most common of the two coaching options. After an initial video conference call where we talk about your goals and athletic past, present, and future, we launch into weekly coaching. We will create a fully customized training plan for you based on your goals, including detailed nutritional, warmup, and mobility guidelines, lifting analysis on an ongoing weekly basis. Once coaching begins, we will continually adjust your plan as needed to help you achieve your goals. Adjustments occur after sending a weekly progress report via email, and includes any questions you have regarding your training. Building a lasting coach-athlete relationship is at the heart of what we’re doing here, and we firmly believe the coaching process to be an intimate and professional one. 

We coach clients worldwide through a combination of recorded video, email, pictures, and video conference calls. We can discuss complex and sensitive topics through video, share resources and answer questions through emails, coach lifting technique and programming with video, and record video messages when tone of voice and non-verbal communication is especially important. It is through the shared experience of all of these avenues of communication that we can better interact and coach our clients.

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  • Technique analysis for the squat, bench press, or deadlift (or all)
  • Strength training/programming theory
  • Problem solving in current training
  • Athletes wanting to discuss specific topics only
  • Athletes needing more hands-off training
  • Athletes needing a budget option to great coaching


We consult with clients worldwide via video conference. In our one-hour consultations, we take notes and listen to your concerns, needs and goals, evaluate your training history, current situation, and use this info (and your application on our website) to customize your training and nutrition to help you achieve your goals. Your plan includes an Excel document to track your progress, and also contains training and nutrition guidelines. We also equip you with strategies to break plateaus when they arise. You can also utilize this service if you want to pick our brains and don’t need coaching.

While these are one-off consultations, the nature of even low-contact coaching requires we meet again to make changes to training after an initial 8-16 week training plan. We suggest follow-up consultations Every 8-12 weeks to keep you progressing and keep your plan customized to your present strength state and relevant to your goals and yearly schedule. 

We will write your program and assign cardio if applicable to your goals. Programs include exercises, reps, sets, and how to progress. If applicable, they will also include guidelines on RPE, periodization, and planning leading into competition. The details depend on the program and your needs, but include all the information needed to carry out the program effectively.

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