Maranda Geist

"Working with Hani has been one of the biggest boons in my powerlifting career. I was making little progress before I started working with Hani. I didn’t know what direction to take, how to train effectively, and I was too afraid to push myself. Thanks to Hani, I went from stagnant progress to taking second place at USAPL Raw National Championships (and increasing my powerlifting total by over 15%) in only a couple of months. 
I would not have been able to do those things without his guidance and coaching. Hani is incredibly passionate about his clients and provides amazing one on one feedback. I can’t stress how important it is to be able to easily communicate with your coach in this sport. Hani is always quick to respond, easy to talk to and I know that I can rely on him. Hani has pushed me to grow as a powerlifter, both physically and mentally by providing me with challenging and, more importantly, effective programming. 
When I applied for coaching, I simply wanted someone that would write a program for me but I received so much more than that. Working with Hani has not only increased my powerlifting total, but it has given me an incredible amount of confidence due to his constant support, something that is invaluable on the platform."

Bryce LewisComment