Chance Mitchell

"I started working with Bryce, Eric, and Hani directly following an underwhelming performance at USAPL Raw Nationals in 2015. I placed 10th in the junior class when I was projected 6th. We used this collaborative approach with everyone somewhat involved for a couple months. But this quickly turned into just a one on one coaching relationship right before my my first competition under Eric's guidance. Eric wanted me to not cut to make the 83kg class but to weigh in at whatever body weight I floated around. I went 8/9 with a much improved bench press and squat in the 93kg class and a huge total PR. Since I've started working with Eric I have accomplished the following. -Lifted in 4 competitions under his guidance going 34/36 on attempts. (94.4% Successful Attempts) -Placed #3 (Bronze Medal) in Total at the 2016 USAPL RAW Nationals. #1 Highest Deadlift in the Junior class. -I've set all of the NAPF 93kg Junior Records at 2016 IPF North American Championships.  -Increased my total by 117.5kg/259lb in a year.  Not only has Eric Bodhorn had a monumental change on my performance as a high level competitor. But he has reshaped my mentality on training for the better and has kept me healthy as an athlete. Eric's been an amazing coach and an even better friend."

-Chance Mitchell

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