Allie Feras

"Chris is always very responsive, both in answering small day to day questions and in adapting my programming over time to meet my needs. I know he cares about my progress and pushes me to develop into a stronger competitor. When I started working with him, my squat was just a very deep good morning. He helped me build my quads and improve my technique and positioning so I could squat more weight more efficiently. Also, when I was underperforming in competition, he recognized that I needed more practice with weights that scared me so I could approach the platform feeling prepared and confident. I am always glad to have him in my corner on meet day!

In the year and a half we have worked together, I've added 45kg/100lbs to my total, broke 400 wilks, and qualified for the Arnold for the first time. Overall, it has been a very positive experience and I look forward to continuing my training with Chris as my coach!"

-Allie Feras

Bryce LewisComment