Kylie Behnke

"When I joined TSA, I was looking to take my lifting to the next level. I was fairly new to powerlifting and knew I needed both support and a knowledgeable coach to advance. Eric was exactly that. He is a skilled, attentive, and outgoing individual, to whom I am forever indebted to for helping me realize my goals. After nearly two years of working with him, I have matured tremendously as a lifter. Eric has been with me every step of the way, from my first competition ever, to my first time at Nationals, and beyond. As a result of Eric’s coaching and guidance, I have not only gotten physically stronger and learned from an experienced, intelligent individual, but I have also developed a strong mental attitude, as well as the drive to keep working hard and growing as an athlete. I’m privileged to work with Eric, who has helped solidify my love of powerlifting, and I’m also extremely grateful for the support and camaraderie of the entire TSA team. Thank you to my coach and my friend, Eric."

-Kylie Behnke

Bryce LewisComment