Jimmy Perra

"I have been working with Joe since January 2016, back when I was first becoming interested in strength training. Signing up with Joe was one of the best decisions I have made, as he helped me to find a new passion in my life: powerlifting.

     Joe is an excellent coach not only because he is knowledgeable, but because you can tell he truly cares about your success in powerlifting. He is always checking in to see how my training is progressing, and is always curious as to how I am feeling both physically and mentally. As a coach, he is not afraid to hold me accountable for my training, but is also very understanding that there is more to life than just powerlifting. Joe is so personable and thorough in his coaching that it amazes me that he has so many other clients to take care of.

      Just in the past year, Joe has helped me to add hundreds of pounds to my total while maintaining my body weight. He has also made me a much better lifter in terms of my attitude and overall approach. I am proud to call him my coach."

-Jimmy Perra

Bryce LewisComment