Eric LaPointe

"I started working with Hani in preparation for 2016 Raw Nationals. Having done my own programming for years, I had insight on important principles for programming, but sensed there would be huge value in hiring a professional. On my own I struggled to find a balance in my training of the 3 lifts while trying to stay healthy. This made it difficult to keep progressing at the rate needed to be a competitive junior powerlifter. However, since working with Hani, my whole outlook on powerlifting has changed. Not only have we found just the right template for me to progress consistently, but I am enjoying my training like I haven't in a while. Hani's professionalism and attention to detail has truly impressed me. It has led to technique improvements and our weekly check-ins provide regular boosts in motivation that are always just at the right time.

On paper I have become a better powerlifter as well. What I had considered long term goals were smashed in our first few months together. Then on meet day Hani was with me every step of the way. From spot on warm up timing to strategic attempt selection in possibly the most hectic meet of the year. His coaching played a major part in my 56 lb meet PR and a junior American record. Now we're looking at an even bigger meet PR for the open class come the Arnold, and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of the strength athlete team!" 

Get some!"

- Eric LaPointe

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