Like a bespoke suit, every training approach is tailor-made for the athlete

Athletes in the modern marketplace are faced with many options and many great trainers and coaches in the constantly connected world we live in. While training isn't the only thing you look for in a good coach, it's something we take very seriously and aim to stay at the crossroads of application, experience, and the best of exercise science.




What Can Athletes Expect? 

Intelligent training is the cornerstone of a successful plan for any athletic pursuit. At The Strength Athlete we truly know and understand the value of this to its core. This is why we always start our coaching process with an in depth video call to gather relevant data about any athlete; whether he or she is headed for weekly coaching or our custom training. Our path is always to generate a plan that suits the goals of our clientele by simultaneously meeting the needs of their competition calendar, their long term athletic plans, their experience level and, most importantly, their daily lives.

What's Important To Us?

Our training approaches are rooted in evidence based practices that have been verified time and time again with our real world results. We use a combination of methods including autoregulation and fixed load work. We do ask a lot but it is not without reason. We are constantly monitoring variables such as recovery, fatigue, and desire to train; with these values in our minds we are able to build our periodization around more than just numbers and keep injury prevention as a top priority. No two training protocols are exactly alike because no two of our athletes are exactly alike.


Our Scope

We welcome and are equipped for athletes of all levels from rank novice to world class. There are hundreds of athletes who have worked with us. Search through any social media outlet and you are bound to find smiling faces and happy clients. This is because progress isn't optional as a member of The Strength Athlete. Ultimately we measure our success by measuring yours.