With years of academic, competitive, educational and real-world experience, we stand ready to help you achieve your goals. 


The main thing that drives us is a desire to uplift the sport that we've all found a home in. Powerlifting can not only be a fantastic way to structure strength training, but really to find out more about yourself and what you're made of.


We've been working with powerlifters for five years and have served over 600 athletes, and yet despite the numbers, we treat each athlete with the respect and commitment to bring them to their peak sport form. 


The Team


Bryce Lewis

TSA Founder, Strength Coach


Inner mind/Mental performance

Through many means, Bryce uses sport to connect with life--with those people living it, with the pursuit and dissemination of science and information, and to the goal of moving better. As a current elite powerlifter and strength coach, Bryce is curious about movement and the world around him.

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Hani Jazayrli

USAPL Senior National Coach 


Autoregulated DUP
Flexible Dieting
Beer Drinking

Hani has been a part of The Strength Athlete staff since 2014 and is looking forward to the continued pursuit of strength with his clients and the rest of TSA's family. Read more


Eric Bodhorn

CSCS USAW CC/USAPL Senior National Coach


Powerlifting Kinematics

Eric specializes in subtle additions and modifications to training that make the world of difference, keeping training both progressive and sustainable for athletes of all levels. He’s worked with rank beginner to world level athletes and enjoys helping everyone. Read more

Joe Stanek

Syracuse University, Ex. Sci 2017


Exercise Science

Joe seeks to better every athlete he works with through his applied knowledge of exercise science, nutrition and passion for powerlifting. He believes in continued improvement and a strong work ethic for all of his athletes. Read more