We are currently full for incoming full-time athletes. The Strength Athlete coaches athletes in two capacities: full time/weekly coaching, and custom training cycles. While we are full for full-time athletes, we have many openings for custom training cycle (CTC) athletes. 

With CTC athletes, we will meet and talk together over an hour-long Skype call after collecting some initial data about your training background and goals, and further ask and answer questions over this call. The goal is to be able to plan effective training for you, which you will conduct on your own in the gym. During the call, we will answer any questions about programming, sport psychology, technique and technique analysis, nutritional guidelines and strategies, and so on. After the call we will begin work on your training, and send it out shortly afterward. We will include everything needed to run the training and nutritional approach effectively, and every training approach is built from the ground up for the individual. We include a second attempt selection Skype call that is free for athletes who use CTCs into competitions. 

We have designed these calls to be linked together to provide structured, multi-year training by offering 20% off after the initial CTC. Click the button below to sign up for a Custom Training Cycle


If you need weekly coaching, we can give you a referral for other coaches we trust during this time. You can reach out by email and contact us