Pursuit of Strength




We're coming to the UK! Join all five coaches from The Strength Athlete as we present this two-day seminar designed to widen your toolkit as a powerlifter, provide perspective, mental tools, and continue the journey to physical mastery. We want to provide lecture content rich in useful, practical detail and evidence-based practices to take directly back to the gym with you and apply! 



Friday, April 6th: At night, meet at a local pub for an ice-breaker and talk and merriment about all things lifting and otherwise. We want to connect and bond a bit before we launch into things. Attendance is optional

Saturday, April 7th: Theory Day. Break out the pencils and laptops as we launch into a range of useful, rich, and nuanced topics designed to make you a better powerlifter or coach. Each coach will present on a unique topic that is close to heart, leaving you with the best information. 

Sunday, April 8th:  We finish hands-on! Sunday will be devoted to in-the-gym feedback in small groups and one-on-one as we work directly with you to polish your technique and master the finer points of the squat, the bench press and the deadlift. All five coaches will be involved in the process of working on your technique and talking biomechanical theory of lifting. 



  • Developing a well-rounded coach's toolset, including programming concepts like autoregulation, flexible templates, submaximal training, percentage-based approaches, and how to mix the two. 
  • Exercise variation to address weaknesses and avoid injuries, including an unusual case for accommodating resistance.
  • Gender differences in training and metabolism. What training changes should one consider when training female or male athletes, based on the scientific literature? 
  • Enhancing athlete recovery. A discussion on what the science says is effective for recovery.
  • Sport psychology and mindset for the long-term athlete. A look at lessons from high performers, motivation, mental toughness, attitudes on success and failure, and coping. 

We're ready to work with you! 

For the first time ever, all five coaches from The Strength Athlete are presenting together in a two-day seminar and tour you won't want to miss. We'll cover all aspects of powerlifting, combining in the trenches experience and evidence-based practice that give a balanced approach to the athlete or coach. Whether you are looking expand your toolkit as a coach, or just get better as an athlete in programming, movement, and theory, prepare to get your learn on!



Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom April 6-8
from 100.00

Come join us April 6-8th with The Strength Athlete coaches for this epic two-day seminar of information and insight demonstrating combined decades of lifting and coaching. 

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