Hani Jazayrli

It is incredibly fulfilling to see an athlete both succeed and gain a love for the process. It is my goal to empower strength athletes across the world to reach their potential


Hani Jazayrli is a competitive & record-holding powerlifter currently competing in the 93kg and 105kg weight classes of USA Powerlifting. Current offseason PRs include a 584 lb. squat, 415 lb. bench press, and 650 lb. deadlift. Hani is also a national level referee for USA Powerlifting and the head coach for the USA Powerlifting Junior & Sub-Junior National Teams heading to Sweden in 2019.


Student of the Sport

Originally Hani gained a love of strength training through his pursuit of American Football in high school. In time, he parted ways with the gridiron and pursued a training path focused on physique development. With this goal in mind formed a relationship with his coach and longtime mentor Alberto Nunez. Since then, Hani has also worked directly with Dr. Michael Zourdos of Florida Atlantic University and Michael Tuchscherer. After several years under their collective tutelage, Hani has developed his own approach through his experience as a coach and athlete. Hani has been with The Strength Athlete since 2014.