Joe Stanek

Being a coach for powerlifters with TSA allows me to live out my dream. Each athlete will be a new experience and I look forward to helping with the journey of every lifter.
— Joe stanek


Joe Stanek is a competitive powerlifter currently competing in the 93kg weight class in the USAPL. 


From 2014 to 2016, Joe occupied the first ever internship position at the Strength Athlete and assisted in the creation of research reviews on relevant topics and their real-world application, including effects of music and other psyching up strategies, periodization for powerlifters, and muscle hypertrophy. In addition, he brings a scientific background from his undergraduate education in Exercise Science at Syracuse University motor learning and nutrition, where he will graduate in May 2017.

In addition, Joe volunteered with the Syracuse Fit Families program assisting autistic children learning how to exercise. 


Joe began his journey into weight training as an overweight teenager wanting to lose weight. This became a late but exciting start into athletics. Starting off as a fencer and cross-country runner, Joe truly began training when his best friend showed him how to squat. From that point on, Joe was hooked. He made his way to natural bodybuilding after being inspired by the work of 3D Muscle Journey, placing second in his first contest. Thereafter, he sought powerlifting, being inspired by leaders in the sport such as Bryce Lewis and Ben Rice.


As a coach, Joe likes to approach each athlete as a challenge and a journey. Each athlete provides new experiences and requires plenty of thought and care. Joe has been mentored by the entire TSA team, as well as receiving coaching from Eric Helms of 3DMJ, and thanks them for their guidance. He believes in striving for progress and balance for his athletes. He spends much of his time creating approaches for his clients and researching the best ways to improve their skills. He seeks to create the best environment for every athlete to succeed through optimal periodization, scientifically backed training, and balanced nutrition. Joe has worked with various athletes over the years and is excited to continue doing so with the TSA family. 


Presently, Joe seeks to continue to expand his knowledge and experience to better promote the sport he loves and the athletes he coaches through continuing education. He will be sitting for the CSCS exam in May 2017 and also seeks to become a referee to give back to the USAPL. Joe is coached by Elish Le, and together they will soon begin to prepare for USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals in San Antonio, Texas. There, Joe will serve as captain of the first ever Syracuse University Powerlifting Team and hopes to bring home some excellent performances for its founding members