Now in its third year! TSA will be conducting a sponsorship program, designed to highlight athletes who embody the values that The Strength Athlete stands for. We want to give back! With the success of our previous year's sponsorship programs, we want to give that opportunity to four athletes for the 2016 calendar year. If selected, you will represent TSA and receive comprehensive coaching, nutrition, and technical training for the duration of 2016. You will be paired with a coach based on availability, but you will likely work with the whole team in some capacity. 


Q: Who should apply?

A: Drug-free powerlifting athletes from age 16 and up who may benefit from comprehensive programming and coaching, and who plan on competing in the 2016 calendar year. Please only apply if you are serious about powerlifting and serious about your goals. 

Q: What has TSA done for athletes?

A: We have worked with over 200 athletes and have helped guide athletes to bodyweight losses of 30lbs and up while gaining strength. We have put upwards of 200lbs on athlete’s raw totals over the course of 6 months (in some cases less!), and we work with athletes competing at the local, regional, national, and international level. We make athlete’s lifts better, more technically sound, and efficient. Mostly we’re proud of the fact that we educate athletes and foster a sense of community and individual responsibility and respect. 

On the community side, we endeavor to give free resources so that athletes are able to better examine, modify, and track their training, nutrition, and attempt selection, among other smaller utilities. 

Q: What are you looking for in an athlete?

A: We want athletes who are dedicated, consistent in their training, and can take instruction well. We do not ask for athletes of a specific strength level, but we do ask for athletes to believe in the value of science and the impact it has on training methodology. We want athletes who value rationality and can convey that in their discussions with others. We are looking people who lead by example. 

Q: Can I submit video?

A: Yes, absolutely. Please include links in the text box at the end of the application. Optionally your entire sponsorship application can be in video format, just make sure the link is visible and you state that you have a video entry. 

Q: What is included in the sponsorship?

A: All training/programming/yearly planning, Skype calls, meet prep, nutrition, and mobility and technique analysis. Essentially, everything we can think of to make you better. We have also partnered with Citadel Nutrition and to make sure you have effective science-based supplementation and myofascial release tools during your time as a sponsored athlete. .