Nutrition needs to fuel performance first and foremost.

Athletes have individualized needs as strength and performance athletes.




What Can Athletes Expect? 

We utilize and support the concept of flexible dieting. The concept of flexible dieting promotes the idea that a wide variety of foods can be incorporated into a diet, as long as daily macronutrient and micronutrient goals are met. As such, it is not necessary to avoid individual foods or food groups, and almost any food can be successfully incorporated into a diet. Consistency and long-term adherence are critical for ensuring success. Flexibility in food source selection and diligent tracking of macronutrient intake are therefore recommended.



Make It Your Own

Decisions regarding food source selection are left to the athlete. It is the athlete’s responsibility to choose foods that are conducive to their health and performance-related goals. Athletes are encouraged to select foods that not only fit their daily macronutrient targets, but also provide sufficient fiber and micronutrients. Athletes must also factor in their own needs and preferences, including food preparation and cooking, GI tolerance and digestion, allergies or other sensitivities, taste, cost, and convenience, among others. In all cases, athletes lean on the experience and expertise of coaches in modifying food selections and building healthy habits. 



Putting It Together

The science of nutrition and metabolism is complex, and the various nutritional strategies employed by athletes are numerous and diverse. As coaches, we ultimately seek to provide the most up-to-date, research based, and effective methods and recommendations available, aimed at supporting our top priorities: the health, success, and happiness of the athlete. 


Our Scope

It is beyond the scope of our services to practice dietetics. All coaches are expected and required to practice in accordance with all laws and regulations regarding nutritional counseling and the distribution of nutrition information. The role of the coach is to provide educational nutrition information aimed at supporting the athlete’s training goals. The information provided is not intended to prevent, treat, or manage any medical condition, nor is it to be interpreted as a prescribed meal plan. Individuals seeking such services are encouraged to seek the services of a Registered Dietitian, physician, or other qualified medical personnel.