The Online Powerlifting Meet



RECAP: This was not only an awesome competition, but an awesome social experiment as well. Would people enter? Given that it was free, would they actually submit an entry form? And finally, would they listen to rules? We ended up with 312 entries by the weekend of the meet, and a total of 57 entries. That's a rate of only 18% of people who signed up actually "competed". Its like inviting more people to a party than you think will come :)

Since this was an online meet, we did our best to impose strict standards that you would encounter in regular competition. The idea is that you can use this "meet" as a tool to test if your attempts would be good in competition, and also learn the rules in real time. We found that lots of people didn't read the rules and had to be disqualified. We did our best to give reasons where possible, and also that athletes should simply treat this as a constructive experience, so these same mistakes don't happen where they really count--in competition. It's a developmental tool. 

If you won, congrats!! We coaches here at TSA had a blast hosting this, and would love to do one in the future. If you did not win, like always, use this as fuel to become a better version of yourself, and if you were disqualified, learn from these mistakes and don't let it affect you. 

This is your chance to get your feet wet in a competitive environment! Perhaps you can use this as a dry run before an actual powerlifting meet, align it with your own training schedule, or simply compete for a chance to win some prizes. In any case, I think this will bring together a large number of lifters who enjoy powerlifting and who reach out to each other over various social media outlets. This is a lighthearted competition, but we will take judging seriously. Enjoy! 


  1. All lifting must be done on AUGUST 2ND, 2014
  2. All video footage must be uploaded on YouTube by 12am on AUGUST 3RD, 2014.
  3. Lifters are required to wear a singlet (not a single ply suit, resources below).
  4. This is a raw competition, and the lifters are allowed:
    1. Knee sleeves (no knee wraps). 
    2. Elevated heel shoes (weightlifting shoes) or flat-soled shoes.
    3. Lifting belt up to 13mm in thickness (IPF standards)
  5. Lifter must.
    1. Film yourself weighing in on a scale the day of the meet to confirm the weight class entered.
    2. Upload footage in a single Youtube video
      1. TITLE: TSA Online Meet: [NAME] [AGE CLASS] [WEIGHT CLASS] (ex: "TSA Online Meet: Bryce Lewis Open 93kg")
    3. Email the video link to info@thestrengthathlete.comSubject: [NAME] [AGE CLASS] [WEIGHT CLASS] 



  1. Lifter will walk the bar out and pause to show control.
  2. Lifter will then squat the bar. Proper depth is achieved when the crease of the hip joint is below the top of the knee when viewed from the side.
  3. Lifter will hold the bar at the top of the lift to show control
  4. Lifter will walk the bar back into the rack. 
  5. Use of a monolift, power rack, or regular squat stand are all acceptable.
  6. Lifters may submit ONE attempt (their heaviest completed attempt to depth)

causes for a no-lift:

  • did not achieve proper depth
  • downward motion of the bar during the attempt
  • lifter did not finish the lift and demonstrate control before re-racking the weight


  1. Lifter must keep the head, shoulders, and glutes in contact with the bench through the entire attempt
  2. Lifter must keep the feet in contact with the floor through the entire attempt
  3. Lifter will unrack the bar (you may use a spotter to help)
  4. Lifter will pause before initiating the lift to demonstrate control.
  5. Lifter will lower the bar to the chest and demonstrate a pause before pressing the bar fully back to locked elbows. 
  6. Lifter will pause at the locked position to demonstrate control before re-racking the bar.
  7. Lifters may submit ONE attempt (their heaviest completed attempt)

causes for a no-lift:

  • Lifter performed a "touch and go" bench press, i.e. no pause was seen
  • downward motion of the bar during the attempt
  • lifter did not finish the lift and demonstrate control before re-racking the weight


  1. Lifter must lift the bar from the ground in a single continuous motion and stop at the top to demonstrate control before lowering the bar back to the ground. 
  2. Lifters may submit ONE attempt (their heaviest completed attempt)

causes for a no-lift:

  • Lifter hitched, i.e. using the 
  • Lifter did not fully lock out the bar (hips and knees must be fully extended)


• T-shirts,

• Prize packages from Citadel Nutrition

• T-shirts from Massthetics

• ErgoBlast preworkout from Ergogenix

• Bare Performance Nutrition FLIGHT from

• Alpha Pro Nutrition UPLOAD from

• big goodie bag of samples and shaker cups from



Titan Support Systems • Inzer • Anderson Powerlifting • Lifting Large


Full USAPL/IPF rulebook

Allowed camera angles and required criteria

Please make sure your information is accurate. We have three judges looking at every attempt. 


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Further, I assume the risk of my participation in this sport and in this competition, which is potentially dangerous, like most other sports. Serious to minor injuries can and do occur. I further recognize that my participation in this competition is voluntary and requires that I assume the risk of this potentially dangerous sport and, therefore, I assume the risk of potential injury. 
Further, if asked to submit to a drug test, I agree that any testing method, which the meet director and the sponsors of this meet use to detect the presence of strength-inducing drugs, SHALL BE CONCLUSIVE. That is, whether I think the results of the tests are right or wrong I agree that I have no right to challenge the results of the drug tests. I further agree to submit to any physical tests that may be necessary to complete the drug testing. Should I fail to pass the drug tests, I agree to forfeit any trophy or award that I might otherwise have won. I understand and agree that if I fail to pass the drug tests, my name will appear on a published list of suspended members. If the drug test to which I submit is reported as positive, then I waive any claim, action, or cause of action for which legal relief is available. 
I agree to pay any attorney fees and litigation expenses incurred by any person, real or corporate, whom I may sue in an effort to challenge this Release of Claims and Liability. I understand that my agreement to pay attorney fees and litigation expenses is the sine qua non for the acceptance of my entry in this contest or my participation in this competition. If any provision of this Release of Claims and Liability shall be deemed by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the remainder of this Release of Claims and Liability shall remain in full force and effect. I also certify with my signature that this Release of Claims and Liability cannot be modified orally. 
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