Hello athletes!

Well, it's been a tough initial process whittling down from over 400 applicants to each of the coaches’ top 10-20 lists. Congrats! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to our second  and final round. It should go without saying, but this link is for you and you alone, so don’t share it. 

We want to collect a little more information from each of you to facilitate our decision making, and help get a more complete picture of who you are as a person and an athlete. Some people shine by writing their answers, others by speaking out loud. We have included a little of both to be able to see "the real you", or as real as we can glean from these responses. Be thorough but not verbose just for the sake of writing. 


In addition to the form fields below, please also send a one minute video introducing yourself, talking about yourself and mentioning one unusual or different thing unique to you outside of powerlifting (remember, like you did on the first day of school?). You can send that to brycelewis@me.com and include your name in the subject headingPlease answer all other questions in written form to keep our application process manageable. If you need more time because of finals or other duties, please let us know.

- TSA Coaches Eric, Hani, Rede, Chris and Bryce