Sports Psychology


Knowing yourself is a key to success

While we aren't licensed sports psychologists, we recognize the inherent importance of self examination on performance in training and competition. We tackle the biggest obstacles to athlete success with candid conversations with clients.


Arousal Regulation

For powerlifters, optimal performance involves a narrow range of arousal--the level of energy and focus you bring to the platform. With only nine lifts and no practices outside your warm-ups, the practice needs to be done in training to find that perfect, repeatable level of focus and performance.

Approach to Training

With so much of the sport of powerlifting involving repetitive movement, one needs to know how to stay in tune with fine motor adjustments, and how to pay attention to oneself. Optimal performance again results from being able to create a repeatable state in training, and in not sweating the small stuff.



We exist in a constantly connected age where it is easy for athletes to be swayed from accepting the fruits of their own training by looking at how successful others are. A keen refocusing back toward oneself and a recognition of what factors you can actually control is very important.  

Dealing With Injury

To highly motivated athletes, setbacks that keep you out of the gym or training at 100% can cause feelings of depression, isolation, and frustration. Reframing one's connection to training and finding ways to revive motivation are crucial.