The importance of external cues

If you want to change or improve your powerlifting technique for the squat, bench press, and deadlift, there are no shortage of places to look. Every great lifter and coach has a range of cues they believe will do a lifter service to improve the lifts. Ideally, these result from an accurate appraisal of the lifter’s present technique, possibly some biomechanical analysis, a sound background in knowledge of the lifts and available research, and then an accurate cue. Today we’re going to discuss some background research on cues and see that there’s a huge difference in the effectiveness in different types of cues that should allow you to be a better lifter or coach. That’s what it’s all about anyway, right?

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Understanding the Taper: reviewing recent research

The sport of powerlifting is a demonstration of maximal strength in the squat, bench press, and deadlift.   Months of training culminate in just one day of testing each lift. One of the more misunderstood topics in powerlifting is “the taper”, or how to manage fatigue at the end of a training cycle in order to create the best possible outcome on the day of competition. 

Lose Yourself In the Music: Music’s Effect on Strength Training

We’ve all got that song that pumps us up. A little Eminem and maybe some Fort Minor always score my way to the gym. It makes me feel so amped and ready to lift some heavy weight. Music is as much a part of my workout as is the sets and reps I have planned for the day. In fact, I’d say it is pretty safe to say that all of us have an amazing connection to our music. But what does the scientific world have to say about music? Why is using your own music not allowed at most powerlifting meets? And can music possibility be used as another tiny training variable? Let’s delve into some science!

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Good Attempt Selection… It Will Set You Free: Part I

It’s surprising and saddening to me to see the results of some of the higher level powerlifting meets around the nation. There are more high level and excellent lifters out there than I could have ever imagined yet, and this is the part that saddens me, so many of them are failing to put together the performance they are capable of on the platform. It is becoming a rampant problem that these guys aren’t able to put up their best totals and it has nothing to do with their strength or lifting proficiency.

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Get Psyched: In-Gym Motivational Techniques

The idea of lifting maximal weight is the very core of strength sport. The rush that one gets from completing a max effort lift on the platform and recording a new personal record is among the top feelings a lifter will experience over the course of their career. Naturally, lifters tend to stir up their emotional and physical senses in a variety of ways before a big lift.

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Evolution of Being a Coached Athlete

"I have been coached in one form or another in sport since I was in 10th grade in high school. As I've become a coach myself on the receiving side of having athletes under my instruction, I've observed an interesting evolution."

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USA Powerlifting's Raw National Championship and the Qualifying Total Debate

"With the coming of a new powerlifting season, we must engage in the annual debate on qualifying totals for Raw Nationals. This year a survey will be taken of USAPL members to attempt to get a consensus from the organization. The recent history of the conversations on this topic at National Governing Body meetings and Raw Committee meetings has been resoundingly in favor of letting the present Raw National model continue as is. The question then becomes, why are we so intent to modify a proven successful product?"

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