Weekly Coaching


Weekly coaching is TSA’s complete package


It includes everything we can apply to make the athlete better. We customize programming for the athlete in detail, planning in many cases a year ahead. We review lifting footage for technical adjustments on a weekly basis, adding mobility and warm up work as needed to keep the athlete healthy and progressing. Finally, we address nutritional needs and challenges as they arise, utilizing flexible dieting approaches to increase adherence. 


We work with athletes of all experience levels, and require only dedication and good communication. We require a weekly report from athletes in either a vlog-style video or written email, and answer all questions and make any necessary changes to the coming weeks in training. Together, this complete package exists to give athletes the best chance at progress either toward competition, or simply to continue getting stronger. You will be paired with a coach based on your own training experience and our coach availability, and we look forward to working with you! 





Schedule a call with us. You’ll get a link to fill out an application, and we’ll go from there.