Custom Training Cycle



Your training should be better than the free programs you see floating around online. Despite their best intentions, the exercises, training volume, and schedules usually don’t match up to what you need and you’re left trying to fit things in awkwardly adapting an approach that wasn’t meant for you into something you can work with.

We want better for you. We created custom training cycles for a training approach that is truly built from the ground up around everything about you. We consider your training history, your goals, movement restrictions, competition dates, training equipment, and more to create an approach that starts off being great and gets better over time. Just like all coach-athlete relationships, the more we learn about you, the better off the training gets.

In this one-hour video conference consultation, we will gather information on your goals, competitive plans, training experience and come up with a training plan catered perfectly to you and your goals.

We have a full hour to talk about lifting technique, programming, nutrition, attempt selection, and any of your questions! After the call is over, we will begin creating your detailed approach, often times mapping the year ahead in structure before giving you detailed instructions on the training to come. We will equip you with all the tools for success, and you will train and follow nutritional guidelines according to the plan laid out. 


  • Fully customized training for 8-12 weeks*

  • Technique review and adjustment

  • Nutritional guidance and recommendations

  • Attempt selection, acute weight manipulation, sport psychological assistance

  • Long-term planning

  • Troubleshooting as necessary

*training length depends on when your competition is or how much time we feel is necessary for you to realize progress.


First training cycle


8-12 weeks, depending on comp date

Initial video conference call to meet you, understand your needs, gather information, answer questions, etc.

Fully customized, detailed training plan

Nutritional guidelines and targets tailored to your goals

In-depth technique adjustment and review

Planning for competition peaking, attempt selection, weight manipulation included

No weekly check-ins, coaches may use intermittent calls at their discretion


Follow-up training cycles


8-12 weeks, depending on comp date

Initial video conference call to review training, adjust training plans, add and modify training parameters, set new goals

Continuation of your customized training plan with new additions and modifications to keep you progressing

Continue review and process toward technical mastery

Achieve new personal bests via training tests or competitions and continue process

No weekly check-ins, coaches may use intermittent calls at their discretion


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are Custom Training Cycles for?

A: We serve athletes from beginner athletes needing guidance through advanced athletes on the international circuit. Because the programming is identical to our weekly coaching, athletes take advantage of the lower cost of custom training cycles all the time. We’ve had people age 15-59 and squat maxes 100lbs to 700lbs. We welcome everyone!

Q: Can I switch between Custom Training Cycles and weekly coaching?

A: Yes! In fact, we encourage it. Often, we have athletes use weekly coaching closer to competitions or sensitive periods where more frequent communication is important and switch to custom training cycles when you feel like you can manage yourself.

Q: What will my training be like?

A: It’s really hard to say. We build all training approaches from a blank screen based on the aggregated information we’ve learned about you, so no two approaches are the same. Training is sure to revolve around your goals, your available equipment and you’ll have a pretty good sense after we have the initial call what direction we’re headed in.

Q: When will I receive my training?

A: It usually takes us less than seven days to create your training after we have our initial call to put together your starting training approach.




All set?

  1. RECORD FOOTAGE of your squat, bench press, and deadlift from 1-2 angles at 70%+1RM, or RPE 7+ available during the call. We can’t give good advice on technique without seeing your lifts.

  2. SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT by clicking below to book your call.

  3. COMPLETE THE QUESTIONNAIRE that will be sent to you in the confirmation email.


And thanks! We’re looking forward to working with you.