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Here's a sample of some of the athletes we've assisted. If you're ready to begin coaching, we look forward to working with you! 


Really enjoyed my time with TSA. Not only did I learn a lot about my own lifting, I felt like part of a family with the other TSA members including the coaching staff. Bryce was super knowledgable and helpful in my training, and I give him kudos for dealing with all my idiosyncrasies.

Hi, my name is Matt Nelson. For the last 2 years I have been a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder. I have done decently at both sports, but felt like I wasn’t reaching my full potential. After my performance at 2016 USAPL Raw Nationals, I knew I needed to make a change. That change started with a decision – choose one sport and give it your all. So I decided to put everything I had into powerlifting. I knew in order to do that I would need some guidance, which led me to Joe Stanek and The Strength Athlete. I started working with Joe shortly after Raw Nats, and have been blown away by how much he has helped me in such a short amount of time. This is easily the best all of my lifts have ever looked and felt. No more poverty bench! Hiring Joe was definitely the best decision I made in 2016. Couldn’t be happier with the results I have gotten. 2017 USAPL Raw Nationals here we come!"
Matt Nelson

Chris is always very responsive, both in answering small day to day questions and in adapting my programming over time to meet my needs. I know he cares about my progress and pushes me to develop into a stronger competitor. When I started working with him, my squat was just a very deep good morning. He helped me build my quads and improve my technique and positioning so I could squat more weight more efficiently. Also, when I was underperforming in competition, he recognized that I needed more practice with weights that scared me so I could approach the platform feeling prepared and confident. I am always glad to have him in my corner on meet day! In the year and a half we have worked together, I've added 45kg/100lbs to my total, broke 400 wilks, and qualified for the Arnold for the first time. Overall, it has been a very positive experience and I look forward to continuing my training with Chris as my coach!
Allie Feras

I've been working with Eric for almost 6 months now and have zero complaints. Eric is extremely reliable and is always on time with new training blocks. Communication with a coach is very important and Eric is available whenever an issue arises. Not only is Eric a substantial coach, but he's also a great friend. No regrets joining TSA and have seen nothing but the greatest progress in my life ever since.
William Valle

I started working with Bryce, Eric, and Hani directly following an underwhelming performance at USAPL Raw Nationals in 2015. I placed 10th in the junior class when I was projected 6th. We used this collaborative approach with everyone somewhat involved for a couple months. But this quickly turned into just a one on one coaching relationship right before my my first competition under Eric's guidance. Eric wanted me to not cut to make the 83kg class but to weigh in at whatever body weight I floated around. I went 8/9 with a much improved bench press and squat in the 93kg class and a huge total PR. Since I've started working with Eric I have accomplished the following. Lifted in 4 competitions under his guidance going 34/36 on attempts. (94.4% Successful Attempts) -Placed #3 (Bronze Medal) in Total at the 2016 USAPL RAW Nationals. #1 Highest Deadlift in the Junior class. -I've set all of the NAPF 93kg Junior Records at 2016 IPF North American Championships.  -Increased my total by 117.5kg/259lb in a year.  Not only has Eric Bodhorn had a monumental change on my performance as a high level competitor. But he has reshaped my mentality on training for the better and has kept me healthy as an athlete. Eric's been an amazing coach and an even better friend.

Chance Mitchell

Allan Moles, TSAthlete

Allan Moles, TSAthlete

Having Chris as a coach was a phenomenal experience; he set the standard pretty high. At first I was indecisive about whether or not it was worth investing in a coach but I couldn't be happier with my decision. Chris is super knowledgeable, genuine, kind, thoughtful, and he's sometimes a bit too much of a savage (but that's what makes him cool). I guess he's pretty funny too. During the time I had with Chris, he taught me a lot about training, nutrition, competition, helped me figure out how my body responds to training, and he taught me how to properly perform pauses! He even gave me pep talks whenever I was feeling down or stressed and always knew what to say to help get me back on track. Although I was a pain in the ass and always annoyed him, he put up with me. Whether I had silly questions or just wanted to talk, Chris was always there. I couldn't be more grateful to have had such an amazing coach. I honestly and wholeheartedly enjoyed being Chris' athlete and I can't wait to work with him again.  Not only did I gain some awesome PRs, but I gained an outstanding friend as well.
Quentin Chan

As a strength and conditioning coach myself, learning has always been a priority for me. When I had begun to entertain the idea of hiring an online coach, I went in with the mentality that I would be spending just enough time to learn a new programming style, acquire new perspectives and move on to broaden my skill set. I had been coached by two very well known coaches before Hani and was unimpressed at best, so I made the decision to try a more reputable company hoping that my experiences would change...and they did, for the best! I worked with Hani for 2 years and I really could not have asked for a better coach. He was (and still is) a very close friend and always made me feel that he had my best interests in mind. Through multiple meets and even more injuries that I managed to inflict upon myself, Hani played the coach hand better than anyone; prompt with his responses, professional, constantly seeking new knowledge, encouraged my questions and has the client psychology game on lock. That being said, I am by no means an easy athlete to deal with, but Hani was always able to put things in perspective for me in ways that changed the way I coached my own clients for good. I learned so much and made incredible progress under his tutelage and I will always attribute much of my success to his influence. An amazing coach, an amazing friend, and someone who all of his clients feel lucky to have part of their lives. All the stars and all the positives from me to Coach Hani!
Elish Le


When I joined TSA, I was looking to take my lifting to the next level. I was fairly new to powerlifting and knew I needed both support and a knowledgeable coach to advance. Eric was exactly that. He is a skilled, attentive, and outgoing individual, to whom I am forever indebted to for helping me realize my goals. After nearly two years of working with him, I have matured tremendously as a lifter. Eric has been with me every step of the way, from my first competition ever, to my first time at Nationals, and beyond. As a result of Eric’s coaching and guidance, I have not only gotten physically stronger and learned from an experienced, intelligent individual, but I have also developed a strong mental attitude, as well as the drive to keep working hard and growing as an athlete. I’m privileged to work with Eric, who has helped solidify my love of powerlifting, and I’m also extremely grateful for the support and camaraderie of the entire TSA team. Thank you to my coach and my friend, Eric.
Kylie Behnke

Joe Stanek and I have been working together for a little over a year. I was referred to Joe through a college friend after recognizing my strength and potential to grow along with my passion for lifting.  I was unaware of the fundamentals of powerlifting, such as the importance of not looking down while squatting. Joe and I immediately clicked and a coach has turned into a lifelong friend. Joe prepared and led me through my first three meets. Throughout this past year Joe has not only been a brilliant coach, but also an excellent mentor, friend, and walking powerlifting dictionary. Joe has taught me more than I could have ever imagined- stretching techniques, complete form overhauls, and even injury rehab. Joe and I have been through a lot together and it sure has been a crazy, exciting, and educational ride. I can stand here today and honestly say that without Joe, none of my accomplishments would have been made possible. Together, we’ve accomplished a lot, but we still have a lot of unfinished business to take care of.
Michael Wampler

I have been working with Joe since January 2016, back when I was first becoming interested in strength training. Signing up with Joe was one of the best decisions I have made, as he helped me to find a new passion in my life: powerlifting. Joe is an excellent coach not only because he is knowledgeable, but because you can tell he truly cares about your success in powerlifting. He is always checking in to see how my training is progressing, and is always curious as to how I am feeling both physically and mentally. As a coach, he is not afraid to hold me accountable for my training, but is also very understanding that there is more to life than just powerlifting. Joe is so personable and thorough in his coaching that it amazes me that he has so many other clients to take care of. Just in the past year, Joe has helped me to add hundreds of pounds to my total while maintaining my body weight. He has also made me a much better lifter in terms of my attitude and overall approach. I am proud to call him my coach.
Jimmy Perra

Nikko Vasquez, TSAthlete

Nikko Vasquez, TSAthlete

Working with Hani has been one of the biggest boons in my powerlifting career. I was making little progress before I started working with Hani. I didn’t know what direction to take, how to train effectively, and I was too afraid to push myself. Thanks to Hani, I went from stagnant progress to taking second place at USAPL Raw National Championships (and increasing my powerlifting total by over 15%) in only a couple of months. I would not have been able to do those things without his guidance and coaching. Hani is incredibly passionate about his clients and provides amazing one on one feedback. I can’t stress how important it is to be able to easily communicate with your coach in this sport. Hani is always quick to respond, easy to talk to and I know that I can rely on him. Hani has pushed me to grow as a powerlifter, both physically and mentally by providing me with challenging and, more importantly, effective programming. When I applied for coaching, I simply wanted someone that would write a program for me but I received so much more than that. Working with Hani has not only increased my powerlifting total, but it has given me an incredible amount of confidence due to his constant support, something that is invaluable on the platform.
Maranda Geist

I started working with Hani in preparation for 2016 Raw Nationals. Having done my own programming for years, I had insight on important principles for programming, but sensed there would be huge value in hiring a professional. On my own I struggled to find a balance in my training of the 3 lifts while trying to stay healthy. This made it difficult to keep progressing at the rate needed to be a competitive junior powerlifter. However, since working with Hani, my whole outlook on powerlifting has changed. Not only have we found just the right template for me to progress consistently, but I am enjoying my training like I haven't in a while. Hani's professionalism and attention to detail has truly impressed me. It has led to technique improvements and our weekly check-ins provide regular boosts in motivation that are always just at the right time. On paper I have become a better powerlifter as well. What I had considered long term goals were smashed in our first few months together. Then on meet day Hani was with me every step of the way. From spot on warm up timing to strategic attempt selection in possibly the most hectic meet of the year. His coaching played a major part in my 56 lb meet PR and a junior American record. Now we're looking at an even bigger meet PR for the open class come the Arnold, and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of The Strength Athlete team!
Get some!

Eric LaPointe 

I was hesitant to work with an online coach but putting Chris at the helm is what led me to have the best results of my powerlifting career thus far. Chris’s programming & nutritional guidance were excellent. The training was challenging, fun, and well-planned; peaking for a meet was flawless. I learned how to fuel my body properly and to successfully make/maintain my weight class without water cuts & low-calorie diets as I had done in the past. We ended up working together from 2014-2016 and the experience I gained in that time is invaluable. I’d recommend Chris to any lifter who is ready is ready to learn, to invest in themselves, to work hard, and to push their limits in order to achieve their goals.

Kacey Baines

I had a great experience with TSA and only fell more in love with strength training and competing in powerlifting. The opportunities that you have to meet other TSA teammates at powerlifting meets where you don't know anyone is awesome. We are bound by this tie we have since we are on the same team. The coaches are all very knowledgeable, personable, and willing to go out of their way for someone that they don't individually coach. The way TSA is structured allows for all the coaches to give input if a client hits a wall with training; I could tell that more than just my personal TSA coach was invested in my success. I had a smooth transition switching from working with Joe individually to joining TSA and I was more than happy to make the switch to be a part of a growing team!

I worked with Hani for almost a year and experienced a number of injuries but he was able to help program in a way where I was able to avoid worsening my injuries while still make gains. I made an incredible amount of progress with him (437 wilks as a 59kg lifter to 457 wilks as a 66kg lifter), enjoyed training and looked forward to every weekly e-mail response from him. I also enjoyed my coaching relationship with him as he was able to support and encourage me in times of distress and low motivation due to injury or when things weren't going so well in training. I'm glad I was able to work with someone who believed in me more than I believed in myself at times, which is crucial in any athlete-coaching relationship.

My experience with TSA was state of the art. From the original intake form to my first Skype conversation with Eric, I felt respected and valued as a powerlifter. Since I am a 63 year old female, coming off a total shoulder replacement, this was very important to me. It would have been easy to discredit my lifting ability as I am not able to push or pull as much as folks much younger. This certainly was NOT the case!! Eric was very encouraging and helpful. I never felt like an "odd duck". I enjoyed our weekly updates and exchanges. It was very nice to feel part of the TSA team! I was extremely prepared for my competition and the results indicated that!

Joe truly changed me as not only a powerlifter but a gym-goer in general. I was able to really develop my abilities as a lifter and that is something I am truly grateful for. Joe is the primary reason that I got into powerlifting and he is the primary reason I was ever able to achieve anything in this sport. His patience with me, especially when I would complain, was incredible. Joe truly cared about me as his lifter. Leaving TSA and Joe was extremely difficult because of the great success that Joe and I had together.

For weekly coaching, I got the full experience of programming, nutrition, form check, Q&A, and moral support. Through coaching, it was much easier for me to keep track of my progress. I kept track of almost everything that I did throughout the day and the TSA protocol would help synthesize the trends of how I felt, what I ate, and what I did in the gym nicely both on a high level summary and on a breakdown summary. Seeing progress from week 1 to the current date is motivation in it of itself and it that was one of the biggest encouraging factors when I was trying to work from square 1.

I never followed a powerlifting program, I never really progressed in the gym with my lifts so that's why I decided to look for a coach and google adviced my TSA. My main focus was to add kilo's to all of my lifts, especially the benchpress. I told my coach I never lifted more than 3 times a week with just a few reps with each lift so I had to get used to the program. Initially the plan was to test my strength after 12 weeks and add some small PR's on all my lifts. I ended up, after 12 weeks, with a 30 kilo on top of my total PR and I felt I could do a lot more. I now have a real meet coming up, the reason why I signed up with TSA, and I am really confident I can have more PR's in each lift. I really look forward to sign up with TSA again in the very near future.

TSA is the best coaching I’ve received as a powerlifter. Joe was consistently reachable, a great resource, and enjoyable to work with. I’ve undoubtedly improved psychically and mentally in my time with him. He truly cares about his athletes and it’s not hard to see it.

Loved everything about this can’t wait to come back.

I worked with Eric for about 9 months. He is a really great coach. Eric was quick to respond to questions and training was always on time. The programming was methodical and deliberate. Eric believes in using sub-maximal loads for lots of repetitions. This allows you to spend more time under the bar with loads that allow for good technique. During the past 9 months, I was able to improve my technique on all three lifts and added roughly 100 pounds to my total. I would definitely recommend Eric as a coach and hope to be back in the future.

I really enjoyed working with TSA. My experience was nothing but great and I enjoyed every step of it. I’m looking forward to working again with TSA in the near future once I’m able to afford the coaching again.

While working around old injuries I hit PRs in all my lifts while cutting down 15 lbs to get to my desired weight class. All of this done in a systematic and thought out manner.